3D, Mosaic Sculpture Kit, Bear panda
Bear panda
REF. Pcs. g.
- WL01 5x5x3 737 Pcs. 73,33 g
- WW02 5x5x3 965 Pcs. 96,02 g
2 colors - Total 1.702 Pcs. 169 g

N. 201110

0,419 ~ Kg
EAN13: 4250134950047

An original sculpture; outside stoneware armory, glazed, sparkling
Inside: a resistant form of polystyrene 15cm, 2000 ceramic mini-tile(5x5x3mm), a pair of frogs eyes, glue, grout, instructions
To be set stone by stone, with a pair of fine tweezers; and yet people finish surprisingly soon
Not a toy, pairs of tweezers and pliers not included
youtube: OZasAryaNVk

A small Sculpture, la Gaudi

All tiles are actually molded, glazed and fired as tiny as you see them. The glaze arches upward during the fire, being liquid. It solidifies. This capillary action everybody knows about water. The small domes reflect the light in all directions. That makes the Gaudi look.

This frog withstands the weather in a typical garden - but is so light and could be carried away by a dog.

Quite easy and well explained
The manual is full of pictures showing the work progressing. And there are tutorial videos in YouTube. A pair of tweezers is needed.

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